Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fire David Stern

History proves that leaders with unchecked power often go overboard, intoxicated with greed. Has there ever been a better example of this than David Stern? In a country that prides itself on freedom of speech, he excessively fines his employees for saying anything remotely critical of the league, even when it's a widely held belief that would actually IMPROVE matters (like having the refs be an outside agency, for example).

He fines his employees for how they dress WHEN THEY'RE NOT EVEN AT WORK. Unheard of. It'd be one thing if players insisted on wearing their own designer uniforms during games but he's taking money out of their pockets for how they dress when they board THE TEAM BUS. Ridiculous. Petulant. A gross misuse of power.

Hey, Stern- if you're so concerned with the league's image, take a look in the mirror. Nobody's done more to damage its reputation than you have. I'm sure Sonics fans would agree with me.

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