Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The NBA: Where Belt-Tightening Happens, Part 2

ESPN is reporting that the New Orleans Hornets have indeed pulled the trigger on the Tyson Chandler trade/salary dump, effectively ending their chances at winning a title this year.

Pissed-off Hornets fans vent (thanks, TrueHoop).

Yes, Chandler has underachieved and yes, he's overpaid but I can't help but wonder if this desperation move will backfire on the Hornets and cost them CP3 at some point in the not-too-distant future.

David Stern's reaction to the league-wide mess? His own Ponzi Scheme, of course.

Check out my initial belt-tightening post here.

Adios, win column. Hello, Superstolens!

UPDATE: Chandler failed his physical and returned to the Hornets. Management was overjoyed.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Focusing On Basketball? Not So Much

You know how coaches are always complaining about how they can't get their players to 'focus on basketball'? Usually, it's because the ballers are too busy trying to market their brand and sell merchandise.

Wanna join the Nate Robinson Fan Club? It's a great deal- only $240 a year! On this well-maintained site, you can also buy a pair of 'game worn shoes' or an 'Aaron Brooks jersey'- uh, wtf?

Speaking of fan clubs, I suggest you join Devin Harris'. You'd be the first.

Ben Gordon's site is also freakin' hilarious and features the world's lamest loading graphic AND a bedazzled shirt.

You ever wonder what Paul Pierce does when he's not in uniform? He fucks the championship trophy, apparently. Or prepares for his post-NBA career as a security guard.

Would you buy a Pig Pack Plus from Theo Ratliff? Hells, yeah. That's the power of Youngevity, yo.

Good to know these guys are laying groundwork for their lives after the game. Wouldn't want another Corie Blount or Jason Caffey situation popping up.