Friday, July 4, 2008

Baron and Brand? Maybe Not.

Wow! Didn't see this coming.

In one of the clearest cases of tampering in NBA history, BD said 'no thanks' to GS's 17 mil offer and verbally agreed to jump ship to the Clips, knowing full well that he already had a handshake deal in place with Elton Brand. The Warriors, in full cock block mode, countered with a 19 mil a year offer for EB just to make things interesting. Now Philly's involved in the bidding and nobody's happier than EB's agent, who gets to watch his client's price tag keep on rising.

Bet Sterling wishes he's locked EB up BEFORE coming to terms with Baron. Now, he'll either have to overpay or lose him entirely. Plus there's the looming threat of getting bitch-slapped by Stern (like McHale for the Joe Smith fiasco).

So will Brand pull a Boozer and renege on his word? Stay tuned...

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