Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lakers 2009

Now that the dust has settled from the thorough ass-whupping that Boston put on them, the Lakers have some key decisions to make for next year.

Do they shake things up?

There's been plenty of talk about how Boston 'exposed' the Lakers as a soft team that was weak in the middle. That's bullshit. They were widely regarded as soft ever since the Gasol trade and the front office knows it. So do they deal Lamar Odom for a better defender at the 3 or 4, a Ron Artest or Shawn Marion, perhaps?

Or do they stand pat?

Andrew Bynum made significant enough progress before his injury that many wondered whether or not his presence alone would have altered the Finals outcome. The entire Boston frontline was attacking the rim and pounding the offensive glass at will- something that wouldn't have happened so easily with Bynum patrolling the paint.

The guess here is they sit on their laurels and try again next year with the same unit. Team chemistry was especially good and a big reason for the team's success. Plus Kupcake doesn't have the balls to roll the dice with so much at stake.

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