Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Best Seat In The House

I went through the final regular season stats and looked at each NBA team to determine who played THE LEAST MINUTES in the NBA for 2007.

To put the numbers below in perspective, Allen Iverson led the league in minutes played with 3,423.

1. Jerome James, Knicks- 5 minutes. Total. For the whole season.
2. Bo Outlaw, Magic- 7 minutes
3. Billy Thomas, Cavs- 8 minutes
4. Keith Langford, Spurs- 10 minutes
5. Courtney Sims, Pacers- 11 minutes
6. Loren Woods, Rockets- 17 minutes
7. Guillermo Diaz, Clippers- 18 minutes
8. Ronald DuPree, Sonics- 21 minutes
9. Ian Mahinmi, Spurs- 23 minutes
10. (tie) Jamaal Magloire, Mavs & Shavlik Randolph, Sixers- 27 minutes

Better luck in '08, boys! Don't give up the dream!

Pictured: Jerome James getting stretched out...to sit on the bench.

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