Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NBA Draft 2008- Battle Of The Smurfs

Heard from the pre-draft measurements that PG Derrick Rose measured at 6'1. A little short but not bad, I guess. But supposed PF Michael Beasley came in at 6'8. SG OJ Mayo- 6'3. Huh? And Kevin Love's a 6'7 post player? Really? Why is this draft class so consistently undersized at their respective positions? And more importantly, who are these little guys gonna guard?

I'm going out on a limb and saying that from this group, only Rose manages to overcome his height deficiency to become a bonafide star. He's physically strong enough to make up for his stature. And he's a pure point. The rest of this year's projected lottery selections seem like tweeners to me. Bayless, Gordon and Westbrook are all tiny 2s without the requisite handle or court vision to play 1. Ben Gordon types. Or worst case scenario, Trajan Langdon types.

Regarding Beasley, he's got a crazy skill set (instinct, shooting range, handle) but I can't help but feel that he's not big enough to play inside. Who knows? Maybe he's the next Carlos Boozer, an anomaly who compensates for his lack of length with quickness and strength. Or maybe Beasley's the next Ed O'Bannon, Walter Berry, Corliss Williamson, Mike Sweetney, Ike get the point. Those guys were all double double machines in college who were (or are currently) largely ineffective as pros.

I'm no NBA GM and I certainly haven't conducted any private workouts (or even seen any of these players in person) but Rose and Brandon Rush are the only players I'd draft from this class without hesitation.

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