Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Loose Balls- Wednesday

*Marc Spears reports that Portland's taking a look at Andre Miller. Miller's career won/loss record is 380-440. In his defense, he's been on some dogshit teams, most notably the 99-00 Cavs whose best player was bloating, drunk-ass Shawn Kemp. However, Miller was also a member of the disastrous 02/03 Clips, a team that featured Elton Brand, Cory Maggette, Quentin Richardson (when he was good) AND Lamar Odom yet still only won 27 games. Miller also boasts a career .210 % from 3. Yuck. Still, he's a better starting option than Steve Blake. And he can post up any PG in the league. He gets to the FT line an average of 5 times a game. Pairing him with Brandon Roy means having the other team's backcourt in foul trouble every night (and lots of early bonus situations). Check out this spirited Miller debate going on at Dwight Jaynes' blog.

*Finally Kobe speaks up for Lamar Odom. As any Laker fan call tell you, when Kobe talks, the front office listens. A deal probably gets done any minute now.

*A great performance in Summer League means absolutely nothing. Remember Koko Archibong? Dude dominated last year. Now he's in the EuroLeague. So don't get too excited about Morrow/Randolph/Morrison just yet. Try and remember that they're playing against each other, not top-level NBA talent.

*Adios to romance novel cover-boy, Walter Herrmann. Add him to this esteemed list.

Photo and LOL caption by Blazers Edge

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