Saturday, June 6, 2009

Loose Balls- Saturday

*Has there every been a worse year for NBA on-camera 'talent'? Mark Jackson, Reggie Miller, Cheryl Miller, Gary Payton, Doris Burke, Craig Sager, Chris Webber- EPIC FAIL. And honestly, the Kenny and Charles thing is pretty tired, too.

*Orlando's adjustments for Game 2: more touches for Howard, make Kobe work on D.

*Man, I'm so happy that the season's over for Dahntay, JR, Birdman and KMart. What a bunch of tools. I won't miss George Karl's fat face, either.

*Does Cleveland's collapse make it more likely that Lebron bolts? Can Ferry add another piece (no, not Charlie Villa-fucking-nueva) to put them over the top?

Pictured: The Millers- great with a basketball, brutal with a microphone

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