Friday, June 26, 2009

Draftermath '09- Death, Drunks & Disappointment

What a weird fucking day. Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died. Jeff Goldblum supposedly died. Shaq was traded to Cleveland. Vince Carter was shipped to Orlando for Alston/Lee/Battie.

Then the Draft happened.

One of the first things David Stern did onstage was congratulate the Lakers for their championship. Predictably, the rowdy (and most certainly shitfaced) MSG crowd booed lustily.

Stern rolled his eyes and sighed, "It's gonna be a great night."

The drunken douchebaggery didn't stop there. The mob broke into a classless 'USA!' chant when Minny took Rubio at #5. They howled in agony when Golden State snatched dreamy Stephen Curry away from them at #7. And they went positively apeshit when Jordan Hill was announced as the Knicks selection at #8. Poor Hill was visibly shaken when he took the stage for his subsequent handshake and interview. Then he started spouting out bitter, defensive answers like "I don't care" and "I just have to do what I do" and I wondered if any relationship between player and fans had every soured so quickly.

Milwaukee took Brandon Jennings at #10 but the kid wasn't even in the building at the time. Afraid of experiencing a humiliating Rashard Lewis Tumble, Jennings opted to watch the event on TV from a nearby location and then rush to the studio when/if his name was called.

Jrue Holiday should have done the same thing. Two weeks ago, mock drafts had him going as high as 3rd to the Superstolens. With his entire family cringing and weeping, the PG project from UCLA fell all the way to #17. To his credit, he didn't shed any tears, even as he saw millions of dollars evaporating before his eyes.

DeJuan Blair met with a similar fate. Projected as a lottery pick, the beefy PF from Pitt slid all the way to the Spurs at #37, taken behind some dudes named Christian Eyenga and Sergio Llull. Yikes.

Now that's what I call getting dunked on by Patrick Chewing.

Hopefully, these broken-hearted kids can use the snubs as motivation to prove their critics wrong. After all, things seemed to have worked out OK for Rashard Lewis.

As the now-departed King Of Pop famously said, 'No one wants to be defeated.'

Pictured: Jacko checking MJ, or maybe just ogling his junk

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