Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Game 3: Lakers Lackadaisical D

Well, THAT was predictable. After taking entire games off in the Denver and Houston series, you just knew this was coming. But allowing 62.5% from the floor, for fuck's sake? That's a disgrace. That's just not trying hard enough. The consistent knock on these Lakers is their cavalier attitude on the road, their lack of a killer instinct. After this anemic effort, the 'soft' label seems appropriate again. If a team shoots 62.5% against you, trust me, you're fucking soft.

The good news for LA fans is that Orlando's pretty soft, too. This is the third game in a row that the Magic D has given up 100+ in the Finals. Much has been made about Lee's D on Kobe, but Kobe wasn't asserting himself, preferring to Dirk it for most of the game, chucking up long jumpers, fading away, avoiding the paint like he was allergic to it. He bailed the rook out, basically.

And where was Bynum? 4 boards, no blocks.

Why didn't Odom post up until the 4th?

And what's up with all the missed FTs? 16-26. Yuck. Consider this: Orlando shot better from the field than LA did from the line.

Van Panic's rotation strategy continues to amaze. Alston played big minutes, Nelson barely saw the court (and his first action was to start the 4th- great coaching there). After playing 27 minutes in Game 2, Redick didn't get off the pine. SVP also gave the lion's share of backup center minutes to Tony Battie instead of Gortat, I suppose because Battie has better range on his jumpshot. Traditional wisdom says that clearly defined roles bring out the best in players. Well, other than Dwight, Turk and Rashard, nobody on this team has a clue what the hell their respective roles are.

So what does all this mean?

Probably that Game 4 will be more physical. Both coaches have to be chastising their teams for the atrocious D so far. If the Lakers hold true to form, they bounce back with an inspired effort and win Game 4.

Pictured: Bynum, last seen at Staples three days ago.

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