Friday, February 5, 2010

Loose Balls

*Wanna hear something funny? Hasheem Thabeet has four assists this year. Four. In 485 minutes played.

*Speaking of black holes, the biggest ballhogs in the league who play at least 30 minutes a game are as follows: Brendan Haywood (33 mins/0.4 assists), Emeka Okafor (30.5/0.6), Andrea Bargnani (34.4/1), Elton Brand (30.9/1.3) and Michael Beasley (31.6/1.3). Supposed PG Jamal Crawford logs 30 minutes nightly yet only averages 2.9 dimes per contest.

*Moving on, I think the NBA should make knee and elbow pads part of the uniform next year. Something like this, maybe- super soft and lightweight. There's no reason players should keep cracking their kneecaps together or catching inadvertent elbows to the teeth.

*Another change I'd like to see would be a tighter time limit on free throws. Maybe :05 to shoot from the time the player receives the ball from the ref. Over the course of four quarters, I'm convinced this would shave off a half hour of pure drudgery. And it wouldn't allow the pace of the game to slow or settle every time someone got fouled. As it is now, that's just two minutes of 'complain time' for every ref-baiting asshole in the league.

*Now that Channing ("Small") Frye has been named to the All-Star weekend's 3 point contest, his transformation from 'big man' to 'wing player' is officially complete. He joins an esteemed list of giants recognized for their ability to negate both their size and strength in favor of the 30 foot jumper. If Raef Lafrentz was still alive today, he'd be very proud. Ditto for Paul Mokeski, Tom Chambers, Rik Smits, Bill Laimbeer, Manute Bol and Memo Okur. Just kidding, all these guys are still alive...and probably shooting jumpers somewhere this very minute.

Pictured: Small Frye using his fadeaway from distance

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