Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 Reasons Antawn Ain't The Answer

LeBron was looking for a sidekick, an equal, a fellow superstar to help him hoist multiple trophies. What Danny Ferry provided was Antawn Jamison. Here are 5 reasons I don't think Antawn's the answer to keeping the King in Cleveland:

1 He's ridiculously overpaid

2 He plays the same position as James

3 He's old

4 He's not a good defender

5 He's a career 33% 3p shooter in an offense where he'll be spotting up most of the time

For the past decade, Jamison's had the luxury of a permanent green light to shoot on an assortment of crummy teams. He's also gotten the ball in the low post frequently, something you probably won't see much of with Shaq on the roster. All signs point to Jamison struggling, especially coming over at the midway point without a training camp to learn Mike Brown's (ahem) 'offense.' Granted, Jamison's a lot better than the 0-12 stinker he put up last night but I think a reasonable expectation from him moving forward is 13/6 while taking key minutes away from Floppy Varejao, who's very effective in that (ahem) 'system.'

Ferry's had years to surround James with top tier talent and he's turned an open checkbook (and the allure of playing with one of the best players in history) into Mo Williams, Ben Wallace, Larry Hughes, Lorenzen Wright, Wally Szczerbiak, Jamario Moon, Joe Smith, Anthony Parker, old Shaq...and now Jamison. Here's Ferry's GM page which lists his career decisions. Notice that under Executive Of The Year, it says 'Never.' Unintentional comedy?

Pictured: Jamison auditioning to be LeBron's teammate

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