Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big Greg's Third Leg Casts Long Shadow

The blogosphere is alive with excitement over Greg Oden's sexting scandal. Ridiculous. What Oden does in his own home with his then-girlfriend might make for tantalizing gossip but is it really anything he should have to publicly apologize for? We're not in church. He's not a politician relying on our trust. Ultimately, the freaky shit he does on his own time shouldn't really be our business, right? And who hasn't either taken a picture of themselves naked or taken one of your partner while having sex? C'mon, let's see those hands up. Liars.

And does anyone else find it incredibly ironic/hypocritical that it's perfectly OK for Oden (or any other player for that matter) to walk around naked in the locker room while interviews are being conducted but somehow he's a horrible person for sending a nude pic of himself to his lady?

It's just a dick. Most men are born with 'em (George Karl and David Stern, notwithstanding). The sight of Oden's dong shouldn't send people screaming into the streets. And he shouldn't have to apologize for showing it to his special someone.

OK, I'll get off my soapbox for a minute.

Similar to Washington's current quagmire with Gil Arenas, the Blazers brass now has the option to be total douchebags and play the morality card to try and lower Oden's asking price when his current contract expires. The public, caught up in their finger-pointing and posturing, wouldn't blame the team for distancing themselves from the oft-injured and mercurial Oden. How the team handles this issue moving forward will say way more about their character than that of their troubled young center.

And this is totally off-topic but worth noting: when I first saw the Oden photo, my reaction was pure joy that he had stayed in such good shape during his rehab. Then I found out that the picture was taken two years ago and I was immediately disappointed. That's how much of a hoops junkie I am. Sad but true.

Anyway, keep your chin (and your dick) up, Greg. Focus on getting that knee ready. And know that most of these people crying about the photo are uptight dipshits.

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