Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Worst Starters In The NBA

Every season, myopic coaches ignore basic qualities of winning basketball like skill and production and decide to give huge minutes to undeserving, talentless players, much to the chagrin of the organization's fanbase. With that in mind, here's this year's list for Worst Starters In The NBA (see also Coach Killers). To make the team, a player must have started at least ten games for his respective squad. That player must also totally suck balls.

1st Team
PG- Luke Ridnour, Bucks
SG- Deshawn Stevenson, Wizards
SF- Devean George, Mavericks
PF- Craig Smith, Timberwolves
C- Joel Anthony, Heat (pronounced 'Joe-El', not 'Jole'- who knew?)

2nd Team
PG- Mike Conley, Grizzlies
SG- CJ Miles, Jazz
SF- Bobby Simmons, Nets
PF- Darrell Arthur, Grizzlies
C- Kwame Brown, Pistons

Dishonorable mention: Aaron Gray, Bulls; Mikki Moore, Kings; Earl Watson, Superstolens; Robert Swift, Superstolens; Ben Wallace, Cavaliers.

Announcers are constantly reminding viewers that the NBA boasts the best players in the world. I don't disagree with that notion but I find it hard to believe that the CBA doesn't have some guys who could run circles around the hapless group listed above.

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