Thursday, January 8, 2009

D Miles Only Two Games From Assraping Blazers

Apparently, the six preseason games Darius Miles played for the Celtics this year will count toward his magic number of 10 to screw Portland out of its massive cap space. Miles only needs to play in two more games this season to throw a huge wrench in Portland's ability to sign free agents next year.

Check out Yahoo's account here.

Miles was cut this week by Memphis so another GM would have to sign him specifically to stick a dagger in Kevin Pritchard. By all accounts, Miles once formidable skills are gone. So it would be a straight up dick move, basically- a monumental cockblock. I've heard rumors of an unspoken code between GMs to not fuck each other over because it hampers the ability to trade later on but I wouldn't put it past one of the teams competing with Portland for those lower seeded playoff spots (Dallas, Houston, Denver) to use this opportunity to their advantage.

Just think- Miles could cost Portland Deron Williams or Chris Bosh AND put them into the luxury tax. Double doh.

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