Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Remembering The X-Man

Xavier McDaniel was a bad motherfucker. After being drafted by the Seattle Sonics, he famously said 'I'll lose a tooth for every rebound' (and me meant it).

He fought Charles Oakley.

He choked Lakers guard Wes Matthews (pictured).

And he had this memorable cameo in 'Singles', reminding Campbell Scott not to bust his nut too early.

X-Man was on some pretty good teams, too. Along with Dale Ellis and Tom Chambers, McDaniel helped Seattle make the playoffs a few times. When he was traded to New York, the Knicks reached the 7th Game of the Eastern Conference Finals before bowing out to Jordan's Bulls.

X-Man was only an All-Star once but he made a name for himself with toughness and intensity.

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