Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let The 'REAL SEASON' Begin

OK, so the regular season is behind us and we're two games into what's shaping up as a monstrous playoff run. Looking back at my pre-season predictions, I got some right and some very, very wrong.

Betting on Chris Paul to fail at something is not a mistake I'll ever make again. Paul wasn't supposed to be this good, this quick. I'm a huge Kobe fan but I wouldn't be disappointed if Paul took home the Maurice Podoloff (who the fuck is Maurice Podoloff???) trophy this year for best player in the ol' NBA. The kid is brilliant and he's absolutely destroying Dallas in the first two games of that series.

Avery Johnson needs to come up with some kind of matchup zone to keep CP out of the paint or he's gonna lose that cushy Mavs coaching job. Another first round exit probably means Avery's head. Truth be told, it ain't all The General's fault. That team is comprised of slow, soft, middle-aged jumpshooters. How many old, perimeter-based squads have won titles over the years? Zilch.

Note: This is Maurice Podoloff, btw. His friends called him MoPod.

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