Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NBA's Biggest Asshole

On the eve of the Clips signing dickhead Ruben Patterson, I ask Germ who he thinks is The Biggest Asshole In NBA History, fully expecting him to say Luke Walton because of some autograph snub ordeal at a Lakers-sponsored event last year.

To my surprise, he comes back at me with John Starks and Kareem!!! Whaaaah??? Cap? Testy and temperamental, sure, but The Biggest Asshole In NBA History? And Starks wasn't even the biggest prick on his own team; I give that dubious distinction to Xavier ('I'll lose a tooth for every rebound') McDaniel. XMan was way more likely to throw blows and, on occasion, choke a bitch (holla back, Wes Matthews).

My answer for Biggest Asshole is former Mav center Shawn Bradley. Drafted #2 overall, the only thing Bradley did effectively was foul hard and piss people off. Every player in the league punched Bradley in the face at least once.

The next question: 'Which NBA player has probably killed someone?' Not surprisingly, we agree on Charles Oakley. Oak looks like he'd eat a baby.

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