Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not A Good Look: The Predator

I don't spend much time playing fashion police but every now and then a style comes along that is so...well, unstylish that I have to point at it and laugh. Hard. Today, I single out ballers who proudly rock The Predator. Definitely not a good look.

For all of you who live in a cave (or avoid really bad movies), this is The Predator.

And now, on to the imitators...

Marquis Daniels. My man. To quote the timeless classic Booty Call (holla!), 'Tarantula head fool! Motherfucker look like Predator!'

Renaldo Balkman says the party's in the back...near The Predator!

And Axl Rose proves that redheaded whiteboy douchebags are also not impervious to the persuasive power of The Predator.

The irony here is that all of these guys probably have well-paid stylists. Well, money can't buy taste. Watch out, Drew Gooden. I'm coming for you next.

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